Trouble of opening hair

Trouble of opening hair

Trouble of opening hair

The constant seller of the trouble of the hair is white hair and Usuge, but there seems to be the cause except it among them, too.

It is troubles such as aggravation of a hair expanse and the curled hair of a humid season, undulation, collapsed hair.

There is the person whom a blow of the hair cannot clean on a humid day.

In what kind of structure, the hair grows straight, and a furrow will open.

On a humid day, hair is apt to absorb water.

The layer called the cuticle is to the hair; of this layer come off, and the water enters at the mesh.

There is a material of the col tex in the lower layer of the cuticle and includes water.

A part including the water causes an expanse and the undulation.

It is important that the person with the trouble that hair spreads through takes care of hair not to make the part that a cuticle came off.

The hair catching the damage becomes easy to open under the influence of moisture.

Because water gets into the inside of the hair if humid, the volume is downed if originally hair is thin, and there are not tension and a waist.

It is said that the person with the trouble that hair is not gathered up well on a rainy day can be improved by a blow of the hair.

At first I half dry hair with a dryer.

While hair is still moistened; a treatment agent of the hair attach it thoroughly.

I dry 80% while being conscious when I do a blow to make a habit of it from the origin to dry.

I may solve it by the person troubled with hair when it is humid hanging trouble a little than a usual set, and devising it.


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